Barbie is a fantasy comedy based on Mattel's fashion dolls that I can't see all families and young children enjoying. The welding of satire on consumerism, materialism, and capitalism into [...]


A quirky and oddly charming coming-of-age story about a young Italian woman in her early 20s struggling with loneliness and borderline personality disorder within her wealthy upbringing and the expectations [...]


Narrowing his focus info a more intimate and personal style of filmmaking, acclaimed filmmaker Christian Petzold has altered his Hitchcockian style and dystopian tone to a more meta-approach, but arguably [...]


Nimona, the swan song of the now-defunct Blue Sky Studios, the animation company behind the Ice Age franchise, Rio, Epic, and other films, recently snuck into the shuffle of Netflix's [...]

Joy Ride

Taking a page or two from Girls Trip and The Hangover, writer-producer Adele Lim, who was a co-writer on the script for Crazy Rich Asians, makes her feature film directing [...]

No Hard Feelings

The R-rated studio comedy has become one of the larger victims to the streaming era. The days of big, successful studio comedies like Bridesmaids, Girls Trip and The Hangover have [...]


The latest animated film from Disney and Pixar, Elemental, is a retelling of Romeo and Juliet, a tale of star-crossed lovers who must contest with disgruntled families and societal norms [...]

Extraction 2

In the current cinematic climate, packed to the gills with overblown action movies, one rarely stands out, and 2020's Extraction is hardly the exception. However, its impressive one-take scene, consistently [...]

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