About Barry Germansky

Barry Germansky is a playwright, screenwriter, film director, and film and theatrical producer from Toronto, Ontario. He graduated summa cum laude from York University's Department of Humanities in June 2013, winning its prestigious 25th Anniversary Book Prize for the student graduating with the highest grade point average. Later, at the same institution, he earned a master's degree in Humanities and a master's degree in English. His plays have been produced Off-Off-Broadway and in Detroit.

Out of Which Past?

by Barry Germansky   Richard Kelly's Donnie Darko (2001) proves there is no such thing as genre outside the enterprise of convenient label-making. Due to the malleability of language, any [...]


Moonraker (1979), the most outlandish of the first 14 James Bond masterpieces (which are also the only entries I consider "official"), defies virtually every standard of knowledge and canon of [...]