About Tory Spangler

Tory Spangler is a Detroit based Realtor, and freelance Art Director.

Horse Girl

The Sundance film Horse Girl has landed a wide release on Netflix. Directed by Jeff Baena and co-written by him and its star Alison Brie, it's the story of a [...]

In Fabric

The latest film from Peter Strickland, In Fabric, is a dizzying dive into horror-comedy. Visually it hearkens back to the giallo Italian films of the 70s and it’s clear that [...]


The first film ever in competition at the Cannes Film Festival directed by a black woman, “Atlantics” leaves an impact in the cinematic universe sure to be felt for years [...]

Last Christmas

What is Last Christmas about? Second chances, Brexit, the homeless crisis, or George Michael? It seems no one from director Paul Feig to screenwriters Byrony Kimmings and Emma Thompson knew. [...]


In American history, Harriet Tubman stands as one of its most courageous and empowered figures. She defied the odds as a prolific conductor on the Underground Railroad, helping to free [...]

First Love

Prolific (and often provocative) auteur director Takashi Miike pulls no punches, literally, with his latest film “First Love.” At the jump we see a man’s beheading- another casualty of the [...]