About Tory Spangler

Tory Spangler is a Detroit based Realtor, and freelance Art Director.

Last Christmas

By |11/13/2019|

What is Last Christmas about? Second chances, Brexit, the homeless crisis, or George Michael? It seems no one from director Paul Feig to screenwriters Byrony Kimmings and Emma Thompson knew. [...]


By |11/04/2019|

In American history, Harriet Tubman stands as one of its most courageous and empowered figures. She defied the odds as a prolific conductor on the Underground Railroad, helping to free [...]

First Love

By |10/16/2019|

Prolific (and often provocative) auteur director Takashi Miike pulls no punches, literally, with his latest film “First Love.” At the jump we see a man’s beheading- another casualty of the [...]