Good on Paper

liza Shlesinger's amusing but clunky Good on Paper, directed by actress and Hollywood TV director, Kimmy Gatewood, is mostly a clever and highly watchable rom-com that is now streaming on [...]

Summer of 85

Summer of 85, Francois Ozon's latest film is a sensually tragic, involving, deeply flawed, and cautionary saga of first love, based on the 1982 novel Dance On My Grave by [...]


Cruella, Disney's latest reinvention of the classic story, which opens in theaters and on Disney+, is an amusing, stylish, and equally exhausting film to endure. The film overstays its welcome [...]

I Care a Lot

Another satire on capitalism and the corruption of the American dream, I Care a Lot is a playful, but deliberately mean-spirited dark comedy about greed and determination that defies audience [...]

PVT Chat

The evolution of the film noir is a fascinating one to track. Early works like Double Indemnity or Detour reflect a period that might seem entirely alien to a modern [...]