Don’t Look Up

Messy, overlong but also deeply satirical, Don't Look Up plays like an extended SNL skit. Adam McKay's follow-up to Vice, and his most satirical political film yet, amounts to a [...]


Brimming with confident craftsmanship, cynicism, satire, and dramatic weight, Bruno Dumont's ferocious France views France's political climate and mass media through its anti-hero, a French reporter named France (Lea Seydoux), [...]


A provocative and subversive condemnation of dogmatic oppression that is undercut by an overstuffed screenplay and an over-the-top third act with overripe melodrama is all found in Paul Verhoeven's (Robocop, [...]


Adapted by Nick Antosca's short horror fable The Quiet Boy, Antlers delivers the rich atmosphere and creepy thrills of a more retro creature feature from the 80s, but it suffers [...]

Halloween Kills

Delivering on its amusingly blunt title, Halloween Kills does exactly that; it kills, and quite brutally. Through all the previous eleven films in the franchise -- ten, if you exclude [...]